Brad & Danielle – Deerhurst Resort, Huntsville Wedding

To say Brad and Danielle’s wedding was unconventional, would be an understatement.   Although looking at the pictures, it may seem like every other wedding you’ve ever been to, I can guarantee, that it most definitely was not.

First of all, they were already married.  They wanted their friends to be a big part of their day, so they did all the official stuff a few months earlier.  Their friend, Nicole lead the ceremony, which included stories about how they first met, a metaphor about marriage being like a fine glass of wine, (so of course they had to share some from the same LARGE wine glass) and shots of whiskey for everyone at the wedding from no other than, Tim Horton’s cups!  There was a reading from their friend, Rory who quoted, “Whatta man, whatta man, what a mighty good man” and the wedding party read the vows, each asking a “Will you…?” question to the bride and groom.  “Brad, will you let Danielle have as many cats as she’d like?”  I don’t think anyone had a chance to breathe in between all the laughter!  But, the funniest part had to have been when the groomsmen asked if Danielle would look after Brad’s birds and showed up with a cage, and in it, a pair of tweeting Finches!  The look on Danielle’s face was priceless.

The jokes and laughter continued throughout the night.  From the bridal party surprising Danielle by wearing cat tights under their dresses to the groomsmen bringing out a mop and bucket to mop the floor during the Mother – Son dance because they thought Brad’s Mom would be crying so much.  And of course the MCs, Karl and Tim, who kept everyone in stitches (and also a little shock) at some of the stories and jokes they chose to share!  The Photo Booth was another big hit, which produced a ton of hilarious images that I’m sure will keep them laughing for years to come!

Although, this type of wedding may not be for everyone, it was exactly what they wanted, and nobody can say they weren’t entertained!!  I know I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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  • Gerri Lynn O'ConnorDecember 8, 2015 - 11:37 am

    Absolutely amazing pictures – the photography is some of the best I have ever seen and what can I say about the bride and groom along with their attendants – just beautiful.ReplyCancel