Christy, Darren, Evan and Jamie

I’ve been shooting pics for Christy and Darren for the last few years, including their wedding and newborn pics of their first born, Evan.  Every time, I see them, I say the same thing:  They are the most easy going people you will ever meet!  And this shoot was definitely no different!  Of all the shoots I’ve ever done, this was definitely the craziest one, and shockingly, it had nothing to do with trying to get a newborn to sleep on a SUP on a dog beach!!

As we were trying to get Jamie, their newborn to sleep, there was an older couple about 10 feet away who had obviously been enjoying the last days of summer by spending the afternoon with a glass…or three litres of wine!  We knew they were intoxicated, but nothing prepared us for what was about to happen after their discussion got increasingly more heated.  Arguing quickly turned into wrestling on the sand as the woman was trying to aggress herself on the man.  This is when Darren and I approached them and started yelling at them to stop, and Christy took the kids for a walk.  The man was trying to get up, when the woman yanked him down and punched him right in the face.  Bleeding from his lip, we thought he was going to get up and walk away, but to our sad surprise, he turned around and started punching her right back in the head.  As we started yelling louder, and another gentleman came over to step in – the man stopped and some more arguing ensued, before he left on his bicycle.   The cops were called and then the dishevelled woman took one of the wine bottles and threw it on the large rocks, smashing pieces all over, before leaving herself cursing loudly.  We were all in shock.  None of us had ever seen or experienced domestic violence, and although we were definitely disturbed by the whole situation, Christy and Darren were super calm, which helped keep the kids calm too.  Most shockingly, that when Christy returned,  Jamie was asleep.  She had finally fallen asleep during the whole ordeal.



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