Baby Rey!

Erin and Eric contacted me to do photos of their newborn Rey (love the name!!), before they head back to Dubai!  We figured out that Erin was friends with another teacher who lives in Dubai, and who was in the bridal party of Jess & Rob’s wedding which I had just shot a few days previous!  Small world!  In Dubai, they only get 5 weeks maternity so Erin pretty much has to go right back to work as soon as summer’s over, so it was nice to capture some pics of their sweet little girl before they go.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get as much time as we’d hope as it started to rain while we were shooting, but I absolutely love the pics of her dressed as Princess Leia hair with the light sabre!  A friend had hand knit them for them because Eric is a big Starwars fan!  She looks soo cute it it!!



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