Jess & Rob – Sawdust Brewery & Cottage Wedding, Gravenhurst

Connections.  I know I’ve said it a million times, but man, they still always amaze me.  Jess works at the same school my mom worked at for 12 years.  She found me through a co-worker at the school, with whom I’m also friends, because we also worked together.  But, that’s just the beginning.  When Jess and Rob came to meet me, she let me know that she found out from her Mom that we had actually already met when we were around 12 years old because my dad and her mom had worked together in politics!   We also found out after the wedding, that one of her bridesmaids who lives in Dubai was good friends with another client of mine who lives in Dubai and whose pictures I took only two days after the wedding!!  Considering Jess’ bridal party flew in from all over the world, it definitely proved the, “It’s a small world” theory.

Alright, now on to the amazing day!  For a day that started off rainy, it sure ended up being a gorgeous day for a wedding!  We started off at the Sawdust Brewery in Gravenhurst, where they kindly let us take pictures not only in the bar, but in the brewing area.  Jess and Rob really didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, so in all of those pictures at the brewery Rob had to be looking the other way, or keeping his eyes closed!  It was the first time I’d ever shot “no-reveal, reveal” pics and it definitely made it fun!!  The ceremony took place at Rob’s parents’ home on the lake and the setting, and the bride couldn’t have been more beautiful!  Jess and Rob are both teachers and Jess has taught internationally, therefore SO many people flew in from all over the world.  A true testament to who Jess is as a person!  Jess also surprised Rob with the blue star converse to match his pink ones!  Loved the embroidery on the back of his shoes!  I also love the pic we got of the stunning sunset with the paddler in the background!!  Quintessentially Canadian!  It was such a fun wedding that I didn’t end up leaving until super late as everyone was so friendly!!  Thanks for letting me be a part of it!!



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    […] that Erin was friends with another teacher who lives in Dubai, and who was in the bridal party of Jess & Rob’s wedding which I had just shot a few days previous!  Small world!  In Dubai, they only get 5 weeks […]ReplyCancel

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